Soul-pleasing, mind-clearing. Berlin-based, Rome-amazed. Alternative pop artist D’ARIA. The 22-year old singer-songwriter takes inspiration from the wells of traditional acoustic songwriting as she breathes fresh life into her memories, with introspective lyrics, post-apocalyptic production and aria-like vocal arrangements, all tinged with a hint of drama. A detail collector, and obsessive observer of the dust that is usually swept under the rug, D’ARIA can be found where no sugarcoating, downplaying, justifying, lying to oneself or game-playing is needed - there she settles with her guitar, and tells her own passionate, raw and all-consuming perspective on life.

Her story began in elementary school where she fell in an enduring love-affair with pop music, and made it into the finale of the German songwriting contest ‘Dein Song’ (‘Your Song’) with her self-written track ‘Like Me’ (2013), which she recorded alongside UK artist and songwriter Marlon Roudette.

But the teenage years took a toll on D’ARIA and she found herself drowning in self doubt and defeat after having finished high school, not sure if she should desire or despise her dream of becoming an artist. In a quest for her true voice as a writer she decided to take a hiatus from herself and Berlin and try on a new life in a year abroad in Rome. Living her Italian dream unapologetically, D’ARIA re-discovered her passion for music and the reason she started writing songs in the first place. Far away from everything that she once knew, she started reflecting on the turbulent months in Berlin and first experiences of love leading up to her departure - when it all came pouring out in form of her upcoming concept debut EP ‘Neukölln Nights’.

After fruitful collaborations with fellow songwriters and producers - most recently 'Lies' (2019) with Berlin based producer Sames - her completely self-written EP 'Neukölln Nights' produced by Italian DJ Latteo arrives in late October 2020. The EP’s five tracks, from 'Agosto' to 'Ottobre' offer an introduction into the mind and emotions of D’ARIA, telling the story of the start, in-between, and end of summer love lived right at the heart of chaos in Neukölln, Berlin.

Behind every song and even her name lies a symbol of her journey. ‘D’aria’ in Italian means ‘made of air‘- like any sound, word, or meaning is simply made out of thin air. For her, writing songs comes with the pureness of feeling alive and feeling life - this is D’ARIA.

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